Kāle dadanti sappaññā, vadaññū vīta,maccharā
kāle dinnaṁ ariyesu, uju bhūtesu tādisu
vipassannamāna tassa, vipulā hoti dakkhiṇā.

-Kala-dana Sutta-

The wise give at the right time, bountiful, without any stinginess,
what is timely given to the noble ones, those who are by nature upright:
to those who do so with insight, the gifts become abundant.

Funds for Maintaining MBMC:

Funding is required to maintain the center, its services and resident monks and your donations in any form is highly appreciated. Please contact the resident monk Venerable Tawalama Bodhiseeha thero for information about current material donation necessities.

Vihara Development Project:

MBMC is open for everyone, irrespective of race or religion and over 100-200 devotees attend Vesak and Katina festivals every year. Due to the limited space available at the current location, we are currently accepting donations to acquiring a new house and land for establishing a new Buddhist Vihara Complex to accommodate our growing dhamma community. Please contact the temple if you wish to contribute towards these projects and be part of a great meritable deed.

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