Profile of Venerable Tawalama Bodhiseeha Thero : Abbot & President Resident Monk

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Position:     Resident Monk
Phone:        314-395-3440
Cell Number:     314-540-7473

Born on August 29, 1969 at Hiniduma in the Galle District, Sri Lanka, to a devout Buddhist couple, Mr. Gunadasa Dahanayaka and Mrs. Somawathi Wickramanayaka of Tawalama, Venerable Bodhiseeha Thero was Karunathilaka Dahanayaka in his lay life. After his monastic training, he was ordained a samanera (novice monk) on March 25, 1983 at Indasara Buddhist Training Center, Ganegama South, Baddegama, under the tutelage of the Most Venerable Baddegama Buddharakkhita Mahathera, the then Abbot of Indasara Buddhist Training Center, and of the Most Venerable Keradewala Vajiragnana Mahathera, the current Abbot. He received Upasampada (Higher Ordination) on June 06, 1989 from the Supreme Sangha Council of the Malwatta Chapter of Sri Lanka Siam Maha Nikaya.

Having completed his secondary education at Viharamahadevi Monastic College at Elpitiya, Indasara Buddhist Training Center, and Indasara Senior Monastic College, he entered the Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka, and earned his BA in Pali and Buddhist Studies in 1996. He earned his MA in Pali and Buddhist Studies at the same university in 2002.

Before moving the United States, the Venerable Bodhiseeha was a teacher at Indasara Buddhist Training Center, and Dummaladeniya Monastic College, Chilaw, both in Sri Lanka. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Buddhist spiritual mission in the United States, Sri Lanka, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea ,United Kingdom and Thailand. In 2007, he founded Missouri Buddhist Meditation Center with a group of ardent Buddhist Sangha and the congregants of St. Louis, Missouri. Before moving to St. Louis, he was resident at Oregon Buddhist Vihara, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Profile of Venerable Tawalama Narada Thero : Resident (Assistant) Monk

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Position:    Assistant Monk
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